Valley Chiropractic Center in West Des Moines, Iowa Offers Spring Sports Injury Prevention Tips and More

The warm weather tends to make us want to be more active inside and outside the house. Whether you’re playing a sport or cleaning the house, accidents can happen that can cause injury. One of the more common injuries sustained during the spring season is an overuse injury. This can occur in both athletics and cleaning tasks when the same movement is repeated over and over again. If you start feeling the strain of your favorite activity, consider a visit to Valley Chiropractic Center in West Des Moines, Iowa. Located near Clive, Iowa and Urbandale, Iowa, Valley Chiropractic Center offers a variety of drug-free alternative medicine that can help ease your sports or home injury. While there, their trained practitioners may even have a few spring sports injury prevention tips that can help you maintain a comfortable, healthy life.

Now is the time when many are going out to enjoy some of their favorite spring sports such as golf, tennis, and even track! However, these sports tend to involve a lot of repetitive motion that can cause an overuse injury and put you out of the game. Before injury happens, take measures in spring sports injury prevention to keep you safe, especially as an injury from overuse is more prevalent among individuals going out for sports such as golf, tennis, bowling, and any other activity that necessitates the same movement over and over again. Even an activity as simple as running on a treadmill can be a factor in this type of injury. This is because, over time, the muscle or other affected tissue develops conditions that no longer allow it to function correctly, which can result in pain, stiffness, and even disability.

Many of these injuries from overuse occur due to lack of warm-ups like stretching and individual sport preparation. When you add the frequency or extended duration of an activity with with lack of warm-ups and without easily slowing your body with recommended cool down methods, you put yourself at even more risk of injury. Many extrinsic factors that cause the conditions for injury can be individually controlled, making preparation such as warm ups, cool downs, and even proper nutrition keys to protecting ourselves from sports injuries. Unfortunately, accidents can still happen, resulting in sprains, neck, and even back pain. If you live in Clive, Urbandale, or the surrounding areas of West Des Moines, visit Valley Chiropractic Center. Only at Valley Chiropractic Center can you get the proper treatment for your musculoskeletal system using drug-free alternative medicine. Whether you’ve been injured playing the sport you love or you’ve injured yourself doing some spring cleaning, the knowledgeable professionals at Valley Chiropractic Center can help create a treatment plan to get you back to doing the things you love.

Spring sports injury prevention is something that those who are doing some heavy cleaning should take into consideration before scrubbing their floors, just as much as someone who may be swinging a golf club should take into consideration.  By remembering your warm ups and cool downs after exercising or performing the sports activity you enjoy, you can help prevent an overuse injury. Even those who prep properly can still suffer from injury. For sprains and pains caused by sports injuries or overuse, visit a chiropractic location that knows how to properly treat them: Valley Chiropractic Center in West Des Moines. If you’re injured in the Clive, Iowa or Urbandale, Iowa area and are searching for drug-free alternative medicine to aid in your healing, the knowledgeable professionals at Valley Chiropractic Center will be more than happy to help. To schedule an appointment to discuss treatment options for your sports injury, visit or call 515.868.0320 today!

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