Suffering from a Recent Foot or Ankle Injury? Call Niehaus Foot & Ankle Clinic in Alliance or Salem, Ohio

niehaus_logoishIf you’re a fairly active individual, then you’ve most likely had at least one sports-related injury in your life, if not more. While many of us enjoy engaging in such activities as basketball, football, dance, rock climbing, running and more, the stress you put on your bones, muscles and joints during these activities can lead to a painful foot or ankle injury. Despite the fact that most of the trauma that occurs while playing sports can be treated with physical therapy, some injuries require a more invasive approach such as foot or ankle surgery. Fortunately for those who reside around the Boardman, Ohio; North Lima, Ohio; and Uniontown, Ohio areas, Niehaus Foot & Ankle Clinic has several different treatment options available for those who have damaged a foot or ankle during physical activity. By taking the trip to this podiatrist’s office in Alliance, Ohio or Salem, Ohio, you can discover which treatment option will best fit your needs.

The problem with sports-related injuries is that it’s often hard to tell just how much damage you did to your body without going to a professional. Even when you feel just a slight amount of pain after a twist, fall or bump, you may have ended up cracking or chipping a bone. The only way to determine the extent of your foot or ankle injury for sure is to schedule an appointment to get an X-ray at your local podiatrist’s office in Alliance or Salem.

niehaus_rockAs a foot and ankle specialist with three decades of experience, Dr. Niehaus of Niehaus Foot & Ankle Clinic is more than qualified to assist you after a foot or ankle injury. If your foot or ankle is tender, swollen and discolored, taking the trip from your Boardman, North Lima or Uniontown home to one of his locations is in your best interest. That way, you can find out if your injury is mild, moderate or severe, and what type of treatment would be the most beneficial.

Not only will the specialist at Niehaus Foot & Ankle Clinic diagnose your condition, but he will also take the most conservative approach possible when it comes to your treatment. For instance, if you learn that you’re dealing with a mild sprained ankle, you’ll most likely be advised to rest your limb, apply a cold compress throughout the day and perhaps even use crutches. If a torn ligament is causing significant pain, you may need to begin physical therapy sessions at your podiatrist’s office in order to avoid lasting damage. However, if your injury is too severe for just rest or physical therapy, Dr. Niehaus may suggest foot or ankle surgery.

Niehaus Foot & Ankle Clinic only recommends foot and ankle surgery when the specialist believes it is the most effective way to correct your injury. While you may be wary of such an approach, rest assured that it will be as simple and painless as possible. Dr. Niehaus strives to minimize pain and inconvenience when his patients undergo such a procedure.

niehaus_handswithbabyfeetTo learn more about foot surgery, ankle surgery and physical therapy at Niehaus Foot & Ankle Clinic, visit their website at If you have additional questions about foot and ankle injuries, call the podiatrist’s office nearest your Boardman, Ohio; North Lima, Ohio; or Uniontown, Ohio home. However, if you are currently suffering from a sports-related injury, make sure to schedule a consultation with Dr. Niehaus so you can find out what course of treatment best fits your needs.

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