Straighten Your Pearly Whites with Invisible Braces from Richard Mosher DMD in Massillon, Ohio

richardmosher_logoishWe’re all consciously aware of the image we present to others, especially when it comes to our smiles. We yawn, laugh and grin countless times throughout the day, allowing those around us to get a glimpse of our pearly whites. With our teeth being out front and center so often, we want to make sure that they’re in the best shape possible. Unfortunately, if your own smile is just a tad bit crooked, you may be extremely self-conscious about letting others see it. But that’s what teeth straightening is for—having a smile you can be proud to show off! And as orthodontic treatment has significantly improved over the years, you no longer have to endure tough metal brackets just to get the set of straight teeth you want. Offering the revolutionary Invisalign®system, Richard Mosher DMD in Massillon, Ohio allows residents throughout the Jackson Township, Ohio and Canton, Ohio areas to obtain clear, invisible braces that will help to perfect their pouts.

Unlike the metal teeth straightening products that most people are familiar with, Invisalign®allows dental patients to bring their misshapen teeth into alignment without discomfort. These clear braces are made from smooth plastic which eliminate the need for brackets and wires that can poke your gums and rub the inside of your lips. Since one of the most common complaints about metal braces is how painful and irritating they can be, Richard Mosher DMD is happy to offer patients an alternative orthodontic treatment that is virtually unnoticeable to the wearer.

Mosher DMD_Braces2In addition to being a painless option for teeth straightening, these invisible braces are much more convenient than metal. As they fit onto teeth rather than being bonded with them, these braces can be removed for simple cleaning. And without heavy brackets and wires, it’s a lot easier to brush and floss with Invisalign®as you don’t have to try and maneuver around various pieces and parts.

By visiting this Massillon dental office and talking to the professionals of Richard Mosher DMD about the clear braces they offer, you’ll be well on your way to getting the straight, even teeth you need to be confident of your smile. And the best part is that no one will know that you’re undergoing orthodontic treatment! These invisible braces are just that—invisible. With their clear plastic finish, you can put them on and take them off with ease, slowly adjusting your teeth until they’re in right place, all without having to suffer with a mouth full of metal! Your Jackson Township friends and Canton family members will hardly notice the teeth straightening product, wiping out any insecurity you may feel.

Mosher DMD_Braces1To learn more about these clear, invisible braces, visit If you’re interested in using Invisalign®for teeth straightening and you’d like to schedule a consultation, just give Richard Mosher DMD a call at 330.832.4533. With a quick trip from your Canton, Ohio or Jackson Township, Ohio home to their office, you’ll be able to get the orthodontic treatment you need for a beautiful smile!

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