Rockside Neck, Back, and Headache Center in Independence, Ohio Can Help Treat Your Repetitive Strain Injury

rockside_logoWithin the past decade, a number of studies published have demonstrated the effectiveness of manual manipulation by highly trained chiropractors for back, neck, and shoulder pain. When shoulder pain is treated, many times manipulation of the shoulder as well as the nearby areas of the neck and upper back is treated as well. These natural healing techniques are used at Rockside Neck, Back, and Headache Center to help heal a variety of sports injuries, including the more common repetitive strain injury. Using certain warm-ups and cool downs can assist in sports injury prevention, but – no matter how careful we are—accidents can still occur. If these accidents should occur, don’t put it off, but visit Rockside Neck, Back, and Headache Center in Independence, Ohio. Their skilled professionals – serving Parma, Ohio and Macedonia, Ohio—have a variety of treatment plans available to have you healed quickly and onto the playing field before you know it!

Each year, nearly 20 million Americans go to the chiropractor; 90% of these individuals seek treatment for musculoskeletal problems like back pain, neck pain, headaches, and other joint and muscle pains. Temporary soreness after an exertive sporting activity is nothing to worry about; however, if this pain becomes a persistent, it could be a sign that you’re over stressing your muscles and joints. Often, this can occur with a repetitive strain injury, performing the same motions over and over again that will wear on your body if it’s not properly conditioned. It is important not to push your body to its limits as an act of sports injury prevention, as this can increase your risk injury. However, if an injury should occur, Rockside Neck, Back, and Headache Center in Independence has the chiropractic methods to help get you back to normal.

Not sure chiropractic medicine is in your best interest? Although it may sometimes seem an unconventional treatment method, these natural healing techniques are now part of the sports-medicine program of the U.S. Olympic Committee. Furthermore, many professional athletes are utilizing chiropractic care more and more because they realize that it helps them maximize their athletic performance. Former boxing champ Evander Holyfield and football stars such as Emmett Smith and Joe Montana have been cited proclaiming the benefits chiropractic medicine has had for their careers. Today, more and more professional and college teams are utilizing chiropractic care, knowing the benefits it can bring to their player’s performances. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to take advantage of all the benefits chiropractic care has to offer. If you live in Parma, Macedonia, or one of the surrounding areas and have suffered an injury, visit Rockside Neck, Back, and Headache Center.

Many athletes and sports enthusiasts alike are looking for more natural healing techniques to keep their bodies in top shape. Even if they use sports injury prevention techniques in their daily lives, they understand that there is always the risk of an accident occurring, leaving them with pain in the back or neck. Luckily, chiropractic adjustments help to restore the natural balance that was present before the injury they sustained, even if that injury was a repetitive strain injury. For those in the Parma, Ohio or Macedonia, Ohio areas searching for a treatment that may help speed the recovery process of their injury, contact Rockside Neck, Back and Headache Center in Independence, Ohio. In just a few sessions, their trained professionals can have you back on the playing field, feeling better than ever! To learn more, visit their website at or call 216.447.9704 to discuss treatment options.

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