Richard Mosher DMD in Stark County, Ohio Talks Safe Teeth Fillings and the Dangers of Mercury

richardmosher_logoishIt happens to the best of us, no matter how thorough your dental routine may be. Despite brushing twice a day, every day, most of us have experienced that slight twinge in our teeth that signals the beginnings of a cavity. Thankfully, it doesn’t take much to correct the issue. Just a quick trip to your family dentist and the pesky hole is filled, preventing any further damage. But do you really know what you’re getting into when you visit your local dental office in Canton, Ohio or Jackson Township, Ohio? The fact is that while dentists have the knowledge and experience necessary to handle cavities, not all of them have the right tools. In fact, despite recent studies that show “safe teeth fillings” containing metal are anything but, some Stark County, Ohio offices continue to insert amalgam fillings into the mouths of their patients. What does this mean for your health? Are you in danger of falling ill? Using only mercury-free composite fillings in his practice, Richard Mosher DMD talks about metal fillings and how they can pose a risk to your wellbeing.

For over a century, family dentists have been using amalgam fillings containing a combination of silver, mercury, and other metals. But as technology has advanced over the years, so have the options we now have for repairing our cavities. Most local dental offices around Stark County now use composite fillings that blend in with the rest of the tooth, making it a much more attractive option. Richard Mosher DMD, for instance, applies these safe teeth fillings in his office almost daily! As these new fillings are made from durable resin, they can actually be bonded to the teeth, providing a more natural looking and longer lasting effect. Plus, there are no traces of mercury in the material used in Richard Mosher DMD’s office. A fact he stresses to patients who are curious about the difference between amalgam and mercury-free fillings.

richardMosher DMD_Filling1In addition to being a strong and appealing choice, composite fillings are safer than amalgam because they don’t contain the mercury that’s often found in the latter option. Mercury is a highly toxic substance that has been found to cause mental issues such as mood swings and anxiety, and even autoimmune disorders. While health organizations believed that such a small amount of mercury in fillings wouldn’t be enough to raise any alarm, new evidence suggests that there is danger in having these types of fillings. Why? Because the mercury that binds the other metals together is released through simple actions like eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth.

If you’ve had amalgam fillings implanted in your teeth from your Canton or Jackson Township family dentist, how can you tell if you’re suffering from mercury poisoning? Well, experts state that since mercury is extremely damaging to the nervous system, neurological disorders and even skin conditions can develop over time. But the most common symptoms include tremors, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, and decreased motor coordination. So, if you’re suffering from some of these symptoms and you have silver fillings in your mouth, it’s highly recommended that you have them removed and exchanged with mercury-free fillings.

Richard Mosher DMD urges people to check with their local dental office to confirm that they only use composite fillings. Not only can you avoid the potentially deadly effects of mercury poisoning by obtaining safe teeth fillings made of resin, but you’ll find them much more aesthetically pleasing as well.

richardMosher DMD_Filling2Feel the beginnings of a cavity? Don’t risk your health by visiting a local dental office in Canton, Ohio or Jackson Township, Ohio that still uses amalgam fillings. Instead, consider contacting Richard Mosher DMD to get the safe teeth fillings you need. Give this Stark County, Ohio family dentist a call at 330.832.4533 to set up an appointment or visit to learn more about why mercury-free composite fillings are the way to go.

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