Niehaus Foot & Ankle Clinic Explains Flat Foot Treatments to Sufferers throughout Canton, Ohio

niehaus_logoishWhile many people are under the impression that flat feet and fallen arches are uncommon, this type of foot condition actually affects a large number of individuals throughout the country. However, since most flat foot sufferers don’t require foot pain remedies, they typically forgo visiting a foot doctor for any type of flat foot treatment. Though the majority of individuals with this condition don’t feel any discomfort, other issues can develop over time. That’s why it’s so important for those with flat feet to visit a specialist like Niehaus Foot & Ankle Clinic. With two locations in Salem, Ohio and Alliance, Ohio, Niehaus Foot & Ankle Clinic has provided surgical and non-surgical foot treatments to patients throughout Canton, Ohio; Ravenna, Ohio; and Youngstown, Ohio.

Patients of Niehaus Foot & Ankle Clinic with flat feet don’t always know how their condition came to be. While many flat foot sufferers inherited the condition, others notice fallen arches developing over time. The most common risk factors for flat feet include stretched tendons, inflammation of the posterior tibial tendon (PTT), broken bones, nerve problems and rheumatoid arthritis. Obesity, aging, pregnancy and diabetes can also play a role in the development of flat feet.

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While flat feet and fallen arches don’t cause any discomfort in some patients, others experience sore, achy feet that push them toward various foot pain remedies. Misalignment of the feet and imbalance can also arise from this condition. Plus, flat feet in adults can even exert abdominal pressure on the ankle joints, causing damage over time. Fortunately for those individuals, there are several different surgical and non-surgical foot treatments that can correct fallen arches and eliminate discomfort.

At Niehaus Foot & Ankle Clinic’s locations in Salem and Alliance, patients undergo a thorough exam to correctly diagnose their condition and determine which flat foot treatment is best for them. For children, a change in shoes or arch supports are generally enough to help. For adults, mild cases can be addressed with custom-made orthotics or supportive insoles. However, severe cases may lead the foot doctor to recommend a more invasive option.

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Osteotomies are frequently used to correct the foot posture in those with flat feet. By lengthening the Achilles tendon and adjusting tendons in the foot, foot doctors performing an osteotomy or arthrodesis are able to lift the foot and eliminate the imbalance caused by a lack of arch. Patients who choose this flat foot treatment often experience significant downtime before seeing pain improvement and foot function.

In addition to osteotomies, Niehaus Foot & Ankle Clinic also performs surgical foot treatments using an implant. Designed to support the arch, this option also works to lift the foot and alleviate pain. As this treatment is usually less invasive than an osteotomy, patients can typically walk normally after 4-6 weeks. Canton, Ravenna and Youngstown patients of Niehaus Foot & Ankle Clinic have reported a better quality of life overall after having their flat, imbalanced feet corrected by the specialist.

niehaus_rockDepending on the severity of your own flat feet and fallen arches, the foot doctor at Niehaus Foot & Ankle Clinic may have a few suggestions in terms of flat foot treatment. However, you can feel confident that no matter which surgical or non-surgical foot treatment you undergo, you’ll be able to receive the pain relief you need. To learn more about the foot pain remedies for flat feet from Niehaus Foot & Ankle Clinic, visit If you’d like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Niehaus, call the location nearest your Canton, Ohio; Ravenna, Ohio; or Youngstown, Ohio home.

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