Medicine Center Pharmacy Helps Customers throughout Canton, Ohio Earn Pharmacy Rewards

medicinecenterpharmacy_logoSaving money is something we all try our best to do year-round. And many of us look for all kinds of ways to get a great deal, such as printing off coupons, shopping during sales events, hunting for discount health products, etc. Finding the smallest bargains on the items you purchase every day can add up to major savings in the long-run! So it’s great when the establishments we frequent most often implement new programs to help customers save on various products and services—like Medicine Center Pharmacy for example. This local pharmacy, with locations throughout Canton, Ohio; Louisville, Ohio; Minerva, Ohio; and New Philadelphia, Ohio, has a Valued Customer Card that some shoppers may not know about. With this small card, you can earn pharmacy rewards and get cash off of Medicine Center’s already affordable drugstore products!

How does Medicine Center Pharmacy’s Valued Customer Card work? It’s so incredibly simple you’ll wonder why you never bothered to learn about it before! By visiting this local pharmacy and joining their group of loyal and valued customers, you can receive a Valued Customer Card with five empty slots on it. You can fill up these slots by simply purchasing affordable prescriptions from one of Medicine Center’s locations in Canton, Louisville, Minerva, or New Philadelphia.

When you visit this local pharmacy for your health and wellness supplies, you can earn pharmacy rewards in the form of stamps. Whether you need to refill your 30-day prescription or get yourself a flu shot, you can get a stamp or two in the process. Medicine Center Pharmacy even allows customers to earn bonus points when they purchase the Gold Item of the Week!

Now, you may be asking yourself what the end result of filling up this Valued Customer Card may be. And the answer is one you’ll be really excited about if you happen to like getting discounts! Then again, who doesn’t?

When you earn enough pharmacy rewards to fill up all five slots on your card with stamps, you receive $10 worth of Medicine Money! Good for anything in the store, you can use your Medicine Money to get the discount health products you need at a price you’ll be very pleased with! This local pharmacy knows how important it is to save money, so they offer their Valued Customer Card and other specials so you can get affordable drugstore products from a name you can trust—Medicine Center Pharmacy.

To learn more about Medicine Center’s Valued Customer Card and how you can earn pharmacy rewards in order to get discount health products, visit their website at, check out their Facebook page, or even give your local pharmacy a call. One of their associates would be happy to provide you with more details about their special card, as well as the affordable drugstore products they offer every day!

2526 Tuscarawas Street W.
Canton, Ohio 44708

700 West Main Street
Louisville, Ohio 44641

251 East Street
Minerva, Ohio 44657

551 West High Avenue
New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663

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