Improve Your Heart Health by Visiting Rockside Neck, Back and Headache Center in Independence, Ohio

rockside_logoAs we get older, our bodies begin to change. Not just due to age, but other factors as well. As the years go by and we begin slowing down, it takes more effort to stay in good shape. And unfortunately, it’s often those who are older, exercise less frequently and make unwise diet choices that tend to suffer from poor heart health. While many Cleveland, Ohio and Parma, Ohio adults opt to take prescription medication as a form of high blood pressure treatment, this approach can be expensive and even cause unwanted side effects. Those wanting to avoid the costs and risks of medicine, on the other hand, are beginning to see the benefits of natural hypertension treatment. This alternative isn’t found in your neighborhood health food store, but at your local chiropractic practice in Independence, OhioRockside Neck, Back and Headache Center.

It seems unlikely that visiting a chiropractic practice could do anything to affect heart health, but a number of studies have shown just that. As far as a high blood pressure treatment goes, chiropractic adjustment is a safe, easy and drug-free way to get the help you need to combat your condition.

rockside_backpainCaused by narrow arterial walls that restrict the amount of blood flow through your body, hypertension is a condition that builds over time, eventually leading to serious issues in older adults. While fairly easy to catch, high blood pressure that is left untreated can cause heart disease. By visiting your family physician in Cleveland or Parma, you can determine if you’re at risk for such complications. And if you are, then your doctor will probably suggest a lifestyle change and put you on a medication that’s designed to loosen blood vessels and reduce blood volume.

The trouble with using any medicine for high blood pressure treatment is that you generally need to continue taking it for long periods of time, emptying your wallet and increasing your chances of developing side effects. That’s why some have decided to pursue a more natural hypertension treatment such as chiropractic adjustment. Licensed chiropractic practices like Rockside Neck, Back and Headache Center in Independence have been able to help many patients with their heart health by using a simple technique that’s shown great results.

The procedure is a natural hypertension treatment because it doesn’t require the use of any drugs. Instead, it’s performed by adjusting the C-1 vertebrae which holds up the head. When this region is out of alignment, it can lead to pinched arteries and nerves at the base of the neck, causing a restriction of blood flow. By simply visiting an experienced chiropractor like those at Rockside Neck, Back and Headache Center, you can eliminate any pain you may be experiencing in your neck, as well as reduce your blood pressure.

rockside_personontableThough this natural hypertension treatment is undergoing further study, many medical professionals believe that it is an effective form of high blood pressure treatment. And since it’s a safe, drug-free way to improve your heart health, it’s definitely something to consider if you’re worried about the high costs and potential side effects of blood pressure medication. If you’re not as active as you once were and your blood pressure has increased since the last time you visited your Cleveland, Ohio or Parma, Ohio physician, it’s well worth a trip to Rockside Neck, Back and Headache Center. This local chiropractic practice will help you to decide if an adjustment of your C-1 vertebrae is a good approach for your individual case.

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