Find Out if Your Arm Pain is More Than Tennis Elbow at Crossroads Chiropractic & Wellness in Magnolia, Ohio

crossroadschiropractic_logoIs your elbow pain telling a larger story? Perhaps some years ago, you were diagnosed with tennis elbow. After all, it strikes athletes in Carrollton, Ohio and weight lifters in Dover, Ohio as often as it does landscapers in Canton, Ohio and middle school teachers in Minerva, Ohio. So, if you played a sport or had a job that required you to frequently twist your wrist, the condition that causes arm pain on the outside of the elbow could have hit you too. But other ailments like tendonitis and arthritis can hit the same spot. And a chiropractic doctor at Crossroads Chiropractic & Wellness in Magnolia, Ohio can let you know if something new is ailing you.

Tennis elbow symptoms start off gradually. They grow from a dull pain that fades in about 24 hours to aching that last for days. Since the elbow pain is caused by tiny tears in the tendon that connects your muscle to your bone, it worsens the more you use your arm. When the problem first presents itself, sufferers often seek the advice of a chiropractic doctor. And you may have too. But some tend to take the information as a permanent answer to arm pain that can intensify or change without ongoing, managed care.

Maybe this describes your situation, and it’s been several years since you were examined. Now the arm pain that you feel in a familiar place has been around so long, you deal with it rather than go to a chiropractic doctor. This is a common move but not a wise choice since more than one problem can plague the human body. And whether you acknowledge new issues or not, they can and often do arise.

As a chiropractic doctor at Crossroads Chiropractic & Wellness in Magnolia can explain, tendonitis and arthritis can afflict people with or without tennis elbow. Each causes elbow pain that can grow into arm pain as inflammation and swelling set it. Tendonitis causes such intense inflammation for sufferers including cops in Canton, dentists in Dover, childcare workers in Carrollton, and marketers in Minerva until the skin covering their problem spots becomes warm or red. And arthritis brings swelling which, like the redness and warmth, signals that more than tennis elbow is going on.

Just because you know what was ailing you years ago doesn’t mean you know what’s happening now. Elbow pain that shifts into arm pain and piles on additional symptoms is not your age-old case of tennis elbow. And a chiropractic doctor at Crossroads Chiropractic & Wellness can identify whether its tendonitis, arthritis or something else and tailor treatment to you. Visit their website at and check out their team. Then call Crossroads Chiropractic & Wellness at 330.694.1695 to schedule an exam. They can help you sleep through the night in Canton, Ohio, stop struggling through your days in Dover, Ohio or missing out on your favorite activities in Minerva, Ohio. Make an appointment to take control of your chiropractic health today!

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