Find an Alternative Back Pain Treatment at Valley Chiropractic Center in West Des Moines, Iowa

If you’re the parent of a middle school or high school student who is involved in band, then chances are that you’ve heard a few complaints about muscle aches. Carrying around heavy equipment all day can do some damage to the neck, back and shoulders if left untreated. Unfortunately, giving your child pain medication to soothe the symptoms does just that—eliminates the effects. It does not, however, do anything to treat the real problem. In order to provide your child with genuine neck, back and shoulder pain relief, you need to find an alternative back pain treatment that focuses on getting to the root of the issue rather than masking the symptoms. Luckily for those who reside around the Clive, Iowa and Urbandale, Iowa areas, there’s Valley Chiropractic Center. This West Des Moines, Iowa chiropractic clinic is staffed with experienced chiropractors who know the best ways to treat such pain.

The problem with extracurricular activities such as band is that they leave your children vulnerable to negative physical effects. Just as those who play sports risk injury out on the field and the court, playing in a band can lead to muscle aches from having to hold and carry heavy equipment. Virtually anyone can experience stress and strain after toting around a large brass or string instrument all day! But if band is an activity that your child loves, then you don’t want them to have to suffer for it. And that’s why a visit to Valley Chiropractic Center for neck, back and shoulder pain relief may be your child’s best option.

Unlike medication that merely blocks the pain, an alternative back pain treatment such as massage or spinal realignment can actually help treat your child’s pain at the source. Valley Chiropractic Center encourages musicians to seek this type of care because it is a safe, painless, drug-free alternative to traditional methods. This chiropractic clinic in West Des Moines has helped numerous individuals throughout Clive and Urbandale find the neck, back and shoulder pain relief they need, and can do the same for your child.

By bringing your saxophone, bass, or drum player to Valley Chiropractic Center, they will be able to start the course of treatment that best works for them. Depending on where the pain originates from, the chiropractors at Valley Chiropractic Center will determine what type of alternative back pain treatment will be the most effective. Regardless of the approach, you can feel confident that your child will find the neck, back and shoulder pain relief they need without having to use addictive pain medication.

To learn more about how this local chiropractic clinic near Clive, Iowa and Urbandale, Ohio can help your little musician with their muscle aches, give them a call at 515.868.0320. One of their staff members will be available to answer any questions you may have about their alternative back pain treatments and set your child up with a consultation. After that, it’s just a quick trip to Valley Chiropractic Center to obtain the neck, back and shoulder pain relief your child needs to continue on with their musical activities.

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