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rockside_logoTennis elbow should be called everybody’s elbow. The condition that describes pain on the outside of the forearm where muscle meets bone is hardly limited to athletes. Rather, any activity that involves twisting your wrist can lead to tiny tendon tears and recurring elbow pain. That covers tennis players in Parma, Ohio with a serious backhand, construction workers in Lakewood, Ohio who frequently use screwdrivers, and receptionists in Bedford, Ohio who constantly use computers. Tolerate arm pain, and neck, back, and shoulder problems will follow. Go to Rockside Neck, Back & Headache Center in Independence, Ohio instead, and they can address the problem before it spreads. And if you’ve already allowed it to linger, they can provide the neck and back pain treatment that you’re probably aching for.

It’s interesting how quick we are to self diagnose. We decide for ourselves that our symptoms are temporary in some instances and claim major ailments in others. People who have stomach pains often think ulcers before diet. And those who have headaches for days consider brain problems before they blame their cheap pillows. Yet, when elbow pain arises or neck and back pain persists, most pick simpler reasons that they can easily disregard like age or ancient accidents.

Procrastination proves problematic more often than not. From income taxes to home repairs, when you ignore something that obviously needs attention it can grow from being a task to a terrible situation. Your body’s no different. When you disregard arm pain instead of getting it checked, you can go from struggling to lift objects to having trouble standing on your own two feet.

rockside_backpainVisiting Rockside, Neck, Back & Headache Center when elbow pain first starts let’s you know what you’re dealing with before it becomes several things you’re struggling with. If it is tennis elbow, you may simply need a brace. And if your elbow pain now feels like whole arm pain and neck and back pain too, the trained physicians at Rockside, Neck, Back & Headache Center in Independence, Ohio can tailor a comprehensive treatment plan to you.

Perhaps exercise and reduction in your activities can alleviate your problem. If you’re a fitness buff in Bedford, your doctor may suggest a new routine that puts less stress on your wrist. Plumbers in Parma could need to attack their jobs from new angles. And typists and piano players in Lakewood might need physical therapy and position shifts. The point is, you don’t know what you have or what needs to be done about it until you get professional input. Your profession doesn’t eliminate tennis elbow from your list of potential problems which will grow to include neck and back pain if you don’t do something about it.

Make an appointment at Rockside Neck, Back & Headache Center and benefit from a physician’s advice. Blowing off elbow pain is not a wise move when you can have the cause identified and addressed. It could be tennis elbow and it could be something else. The only thing you know for sure at this point is that your daily activities in Parma, Ohio; Bedford, Ohio; and Lakewood, Ohio are getting to be harder than they used to be. That plus the fact that neck and back pain are up next if not already in play. Go to www.rocksidehealth.com and see what existing patients of Rockside Neck, Back & Headache Center have to say. Then call 216.447.9704 and schedule an appointment that can start with sorting out your arm pain and lead to full body relief.

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