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richardmosher_logoNighttime parafunction is an issue that many people are completely unaware of until a professional dentist points it out to them. For most, sleeping doesn’t mean that the body is completely immobile; instead, the central nervous system can cause a lot of jaw activity at night. While you’re at rest, you could be clenching your jaw and grinding your teeth, causing migraines and even temporomandibular disorders (TMD). If you’ve been experiencing frequent headaches and jaw pain, nighttime parafunction may be the culprit. Fortunately, a simple mouth appliance has proven to be a great TMD treatment and teeth grinding solution. And it just so happens that Richard Mosher DMD of Massillon, Ohio offers the installation of this product at his office. By taking the trip from your Canton, Ohio or Jackson Township, Ohio home to Richard Mosher DMD, you can discover if the NTI-tss splint is the right choice for your particular case.

Initially developed to prevent migraine pain, the NTI-tss splint has been shown to be an excellent alternative to full-coverage mouth appliances. By wearing this device at night, patients can protect their teeth, muscles and joints. As the NTI-tss splint suppresses parafunctional muscle contraction by nearly 70%, there is a significant reduction in the amount of teeth grinding and jaw clenching that occurs when you sleep. As a result, the amount of discomfort you feel in your head and jaw is decreased considerably.

richardMosher DMD_hygienistandpatientAs a teeth grinding solution and TMD treatment, this splint is much more convenient and comfortable than other mouth appliances on the market. Made from thermoplastic material, the device is more durable, allowing professional dentists like Richard Mosher DMD to provide patients with a better-fitting guard. Covering only the top or bottom four teeth, this splint is small enough that it won’t trigger your gag reflex. And as it can be easily removed, patients don’t have to worry about the device hindering their speech or chewing abilities throughout the day!

Migraine and TMD sufferers throughout the Canton and Jackson Township areas have come to Richard Mosher DMD in order to find a product that can provide pain relief. While the NTI-tss splint may not be the perfect remedy for every patient, it has been successful in a number of different cases. Depending on your individual needs, the professional dentist at this Massillon office will determine if the splint is the appropriate course of treatment or not.

richardmosher_portraitIf you’d like to learn more about the NTI-tss splint and what it can do as a teeth grinding solution and TMD treatment, visit the website for Richard Mosher DMD at You can also give this professional dentist a call at 330.832.4533 to schedule a consultation in order to discover whether this mouth appliance is right for you. When the day of your appointment arrives, just take the quick trip from your Canton, Ohio or Jackson Township, Ohio home to the office of Richard Mosher DMD.

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