Call Niehaus Foot & Ankle Clinic in Alliance or Salem, Ohio for Bunion and Hammertoe Treatment

niehaus_logoishOur feet are forced to put up with a lot of abuse. Not only do we walk thousands of steps every day, often cramping our toes in ill-fitting shoes, but some of us also strain our Achilles tendons with high heels. With all of the stress we put on our feet and ankles, it’s no wonder why so many of us require foot surgery when the discomfort becomes unbearable. Fortunately for those residing around the Lisbon, Ohio; Louisville, Ohio; and Sebring, Ohio areas, there’s Niehaus Foot & Ankle Clinic. With two offices in Alliance, Ohio and Salem, Ohio, this local podiatrist makes it easy for residents to obtain the bunion or hammertoe treatment they need for foot pain relief. If you’ve been struggling with one of these uncomfortable conditions, it may be time to give this nearby foot and ankle specialist a call.

niehaus_handswithbabyfeetAs your feet are the foundation of your body, it’s vital that you take excellent care of them. Otherwise, you not only risk painful conditions like corns, ulcers and ingrown nails, but complications in your knees, hips and back as well. That’s why foot and ankle specialists like Dr. Niehaus at Niehaus Foot & Ankle Clinic encourage patients to invest in comfortable shoes that fit just right. But even though giving your feet and ankles the support they need is very beneficial, some foot conditions can arise regardless of what you wear. Two such issues? Bunions and hammertoes.

Many of the patients who visit the Salem or Alliance office of Niehaus Foot & Ankle Clinic do so because of bunions or hammertoes. As the tendency to develop bunions and hammertoes is inherited, there is little people can do to prevent these deformities from occurring. Luckily, there are a variety of bunion and hammertoe treatment options available from Niehaus Foot & Ankle Clinic.

niehaus_footAs bunions are formed when the big toe drifts toward the second, pushing the metatarsal bone out and creating a bony mass at the base, foot surgery is often the treatment of choice for foot pain relief. Though custom-molded shoes and pads are also used, such a conservative approach generally only works for mild bunions. In the case of moderate or severe bunions, your local podiatrist will work with you to find a surgical option that fits your needs. Having performed a number of foot surgeries from removing the growth to replacing the joints, Niehaus Foot & Ankle Clinic is more than qualified to provide you with the right bunion treatment for your specific case.

niehaus_footprintsThis foot and ankle specialist has also proven to be an excellent resource for those in need of a more effective hammertoe treatment. As the buckling of the toe joints associated with this condition can make movement difficult over time, it’s especially important to call Niehaus Foot & Ankle Clinic to see how severe your condition is and which treatment option will work the best. Whether this local podiatrist opts to reposition the tight tendon, remove part of the curled joint, eliminate the joint cartilage or insert an implant, chances are that your foot surgery will be an out-patient procedure.

With over thirty years of experience providing Lisbon, Sebring and Louisville residents with foot pain relief, you can trust Dr. Niehaus and the friendly staff at Niehaus Foot & Ankle Clinic to provide you with the care you need to get back on your feet.

niehaus_rockIf you’re currently in need of a bunion or hammertoe treatment, then it’s in your best interest to give this local podiatrist a call in order to set up a consultation. Whether you’re located in Lisbon, Ohio; Sebring, Ohio; or Louisville, Ohio, you’ll only have to take a short trip to one of the offices of this foot and ankle specialist. For information about foot surgery and the other services Niehaus Foot & Ankle Clinic can offer for foot pain relief, visit their website at

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