Akron Injury Center Offers Safe Alternative Medicine for Your Stow, Ohio Sports Injuries This Spring

The warm weather of spring brings out the athlete in all of us! After all, it’s an excellent time to start exercising or going out and enjoying a few sport activities in the neighborhood with your friends. However, this also means that spring sports injuries become more common during these warm months. If you’ve been unfortunate enough to develop a musculoskeletal injury while participating in one of your favorite sports activities in the Stow, Ohio or Barberton, Ohio area, contact Akron Injury Center.

Using a series of safe alternative medicine practices, Akron Injury Center can assist you in getting you back into the game of your choice. After a few sessions with the knowledgeable professionals at Akron Injury Center, you’ll be feeling good as new, and may even leave having learned a few tips on preventing injuries to your body while participating in physical activities. Whatever injuries you may endure this spring in Fairlawn, Ohio, Akron Injury Center has the skilled professionals that can help get you back to good.

There are a variety of sports that start up in the spring including track and baseball. Whether you’re an athlete or taking on a new exercise routine, there are a few things you should take into consideration that can aid in preventing injuries to your body:

  • Ice Muscles Before Use
  • Do Stretches/Warm Ups
  • Cool Downs
  • Proper Nutrition

But what do these all mean? To ensure you stay injury free in your sports activities, the above methods are highly recommended. When you stretch the muscles in the expected ranges of motion as a way to warm them up, you help prevent the risk of strain. Though icing before using your muscles may seem a bit odd, recent studies have shown that icing the muscle or joint before warm up exercises actually increases the blood supply to that muscle and joint during the warm up exercise.

All of the listed injury prevention methods are important, but proper cool down methods are crucial. When finishing an exercise routine or a very active sport, take 5 – 10 minutes to cool down by walking, jogging, or doing some light exercise before fully leaving the activity. When these cool downs are properly done, it will provide your body with the following benefits:

  • Removes waste products from your body such as lactic acid
  • Gradually lowers your heart rate & respiration
  • Helps prevent muscle soreness

Although there are a lot of extrinsic things you can do to prevent injury, proper injury prevention starts intrinsically with proper nutrition. When you maintain a well balanced, nutritional lifestyle, you can help maintain your joints and build healthy muscle. Even with proper prevention, accidents can still occur where you can sustain a spring sports injury that may require more than a bit of rest. If you live in the Stow, Barberton, or Fairlawn area and find yourself in need of relief from a sports injury, contact Akron Injury Center. Using chiropractic methods– known to be a safe alternative medicine—their trained professionals can work with you to have you feeling greatly improved in just a few short sessions! When you need to get back out on the playing field quickly, you know to contact Akron Injury Center!

Preventing injuries isn’t always feasible, especially when sports are involved. If you’re suffering from a spring sports injury in the Barberton, Ohio or Stow, Ohio area but would prefer a safe alternative medicine treatment opposed to that of a traditional physician, consider Akron Injury Center. Their highly trained, skilled professionals will be more than happy to speak to you about the best treatment options available for your injury so that you can get back out onto the field and continue doing what you love to! With spring just starting, don’t spend it on the bench; contact Akron Injury Center today.

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