30 Minutes at Spinal Decompression & Laser Healing of Millersburg, Ohio May Relieve Your Herniated Discs

spinaldecompression3Certified spinal decompression doctors Richard & Michael Mulcahy have helped hundreds of men and women with lumbar herniated discs. By eliminating patients’ back pain at their clinic, Spinal Decompression & Laser Healing of Millersburg, Ohio, the doctors make normal activities possible again. Folks in Holmes County, Ohio are able to get back to golfing while others in Tuscarawas County, Ohio can resume their travels – all, without harmful drugs or surgery. And the doctors are willing to show you how their non-invasive pain treatments may help you, without you risking a single penny!

spinaldecompression_couponConsider this your personal opportunity to have a free 30-minute Herniated Disc Evaluation with certified spinal decompression doctors Richard & Michael Mulcahy. Having over 45 years of combined experience helping back pain patients, they have spent the last 6 years dedicated in their specialty. They use the latest advancements in back pain technology to help men and women get rid of their back and sciatica pain once and for all.

Is This For You?

If you’re suffering from any of the symptoms listed below, this 30-minute appointment may be the most beneficial time you have ever spent in your life. And these are just a few painful conditions the doctors are having great success with:

  • Sciatica
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • Lumber Herniated Discs
  • Pins and needles feeling
  • Numbness in the hands or feet
  • Tingling or burning sensations
  • Weakness in the arms or legs
  • Sharp pain in the buttocks
  • Sharp, burning pains

Nothing’s worse than feeling great mentally, but physically you’re feeling held back from life because your nerve or sciatica pain hurts so bad and it just won’t go away! If you have trouble taking short walks in Holmes County or participating in family fun in Tuscarawas County, you can surely relate. You may also be wondering if spinal decompression will really work, so we invite you to review the research.

spinaldecompression2A medical study found patients went from moderately painful to almost no pain with decompression pain treatments. Those that took pain pills improved less than 5% – Am. Society of Anesthesiologist, 2006 Chicago, IL.In another study presented at the American Academy of Pain Management in 2007, patients reported a mean 88.9% improvement in back pain and better function, and no patient required any invasive therapies (e.g. epidural injections, surgery). These are just two studies out of a dozen done in the last few years, all showing promising results.

It’s time for you to find out if the doctors’ specialized pain treatments will be the solution for your lumbar herniated discs. And they’re extending a great offer to help you do so. For 15 days only, you can have a Herniated Disc Evaluation for FREE. The evaluation includes all of the following services that usually cost $257:

Herniated Disc Evaluation

  • Complete neuromuscular examination.
  • In-depth consultation where a doctor will listen…really listed…to the details of your case.
  • In-depth review of any prior X-rays to determine if a spinal misalignment is also contributing to your back pain or symptoms (NOTE: This alone would normally cost you at least $100).
  • Thorough analysis of your exam and MRI films to start mapping out your plan to being pain-free.
  • You’ll get to see everything firsthand and find out if this amazing treatment will be your pain solution.

spinaldecompression4The appointment will not take long at all and you won’t be sitting in a waiting room all day either. And the best part about these pain treatments it that no dangerous drugs, invasive procedures, or painful exercises are involved. So, call Spinal Decompression & Laser Healing of Millersburg at 330.473.6013 today. Tell the receptionist you’d like to come in for the Special Free Evaluation. It could be the solution to your lumbar herniated discs and the key to eliminating your back pain. Schedule your free evaluation appointment now and you could be scheduling tee time in Holmes County, Ohio or making travel arrangements in Tuscarawas County, Ohio next!

Spinal Decompression & Laser Healing of Millersburg
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